Headbands Are Back

Headbands are back and here to stay. These classic accessories have proven to be timeless as they continue to take on new styles of the century. In 2016, Paris Hilton lead a pack of thousands of Coachella dwellers as they pulled flowered headbands for yoga over their heads and embraced a boho chic vibe. Even Snapchat recognized the emerging trend and included them in their filters.

HeadbandsThis wasn’t the first time headbands had made a statement. Native Americans popularized the head dress, and many women wore feather headbands. America adopted the look and in the 1920’s when many housewives paired poka-dotted printed headbands with heels and coordinating dresses. As years progressed, so did the concept surrounding the headband. During the 1950’s women would take a bandana and wrap them over their head like a headband as a representation of the working class female. Since then, designers have created a variety of headbands from all kinds of materials. From crystals to leather, and beads, to silk, the possibilities are endless when it comes to expressing an individuals style through headbands. Patterns are especially popular in the realm of headbands. Snooki and J Wow from the Jersey shore loved to rock animal printed headbands and established their reputations as guidettes. Meanwhile, Britney and the Backstreet Boys popularized the sweatband, a thicker material of headband that is meant to be worn while working out. Beauty Queens, brides, and birthday girls embrace a wealthier side of the headband. This is often referred to as a tiara. While it still has the base of a headband it is embedded with crystals, diamonds, and other sparkly jewels. This is often copied with plastic tiaras since they can run at a high price!

The powerful headband trend doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. These easy to wear accessories have expanded from athletics to beautiful events and even as symbol of femininity. Whatever style an individual seeks, a headband is always there to add character to their wardrobe.