Wide Yoga Headband – Fashion meets practical

Picture this: You’re exercising or practicing Yoga — you’re in the zone. Nothing except you, your body, and movement exist at this moment. And then — your headband slips and falls over your eyes as your concentration breaks.

Running Headband10If you had been wearing Wide Yoga Headbands, this wouldn’t have happened. Stretchy and seamless, they conform to any head size or shape with tremendous ease. Many people have stated they often forget it’s on their head.

My favorite thing about these headbands is that you can wear them with virtually anything. Your workout clothes, pajamas, or even a sundress and not look out-of-place. They can be worn in many different stylings as well. You can scrunch it up, wide, thin, or even make it look like a turban. So many variables with one simple accessory — and it also keeps embarrassing sweat from dripping down your face on those hot days.

Whether you’re running, at the office, or at home watching movies with a loved one, a Wide Yoga Headband will keep those bangs and unwanted hair out of your face and your hands free for popcorn.

Why Wide Yoga Headband over the other guys?

  • Non-slip technology keeps you focused on current activities and not on your sweat or hair
  • Combination of sweat absorption, hair holder, and ear warmer for those cold running nights.
  • Light, stretchy, and seamless — they will never cause headaches from tight fits.

With a massive selection of colors and styles to choose from, the Non Slip Running Headbands are clearly ahead of the game. They’ve gained their reputation by keeping it simple and maintaining the practical use for what a headband is supposed to do. No glitter here. No shiny medallions here. Just pure effectiveness for those that need a headband that works — without all the minor irritations that often cause workouts to be less enjoyable.